About Us

My name is Zoe Palmer and I am the cut flower farmer and floral designer behind Farmhouse Flowers - a small-scale family owned and operated cut flower farm located between Manjimup and Pemberton in the Southern Forests region of Western Australia. I live here with my husband Luke and our two daughters Aurora and Rosa.

I have always loved flowers and they have always been a part of my life. Both my grandparents and my parents grew cut flowers for export when I was a child. I have fond memories of growing up around flowers and being surrounded by nature.

With the support of my family, I grow seasonal flowers to create unique bouquets. The bouquets are made up of fresh garden blooms that are diverse in colours, textures and fragrances.


I hope you or a loved one take pleasure in these bouquets... the simple beauty and magnificence of nature's blooms.




 I whole-heartedly commit to ecological agricultural practices and sustainable business practices.


I grow flowers naturally, by improving soil health with the addition of compost, organic fertilizer and trace minerals. We do not use any chemical sprays where we live. We focus on building soil fertility which in turn, provides all the nutrition the plant needs to become strong and resilient. 


Farmhouse Flowers provides you with an alternative to imported cut flowers. There is an excessive carbon footprint associated with flying flowers half way around the world. Imported cut flowers are also subject to harmful chemicals in the quarantine process, such as glyphosate stem dipping. Due to health and environmental concerns regarding this process, I have opted out of exposing myself and anyone who enjoys my flowers to such chemical treatment.

During the design process, I choose to use environmentally friendly materials wherever possible. I do not use floral foam as it is a toxic substance that can be harmful for the respiratory system. Floral foam can also enter waterways as a microplastic when tipped down the drain and becomes harmful to the environment and aquatic animals. I use kraft paper instead of plastic wrap in my bouquets and endeavor to use re-used and recycled vessels and vases wherever possible.


I acknowledge the ebb and flow of the seasons and appreciate the diversity of what each unique time of year has to offer. The fleeting beauty of a flower is what makes them something to cherish in the moment. They symbolize life and the natural cycles of the earth, in which we are so deeply connected.