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This is a weekly subscription for our Big Beauty Summer Bouquet. Choose either four, eight or twelve weeks of flower deliveries. These subscriptions are perfect for:


- For you to enjoy in your own home

- Business (front desk, cafe/restraurant front of house)

- Gift (delightful gift that keeps giving throughout the month)


DOUBLE THE BLOOMS in this larger summer arrangement consisting of our locally grown, seasonal cottage garden flowers. Please be mindful that your bouquet will look similar but not the same as the pictures shown, and will depend on what is best to pick at the time of order.


The Big Beauty will be packed full of our best summer flowers and may include:


- Dahlias

- Lilies

- Zinnias

- Snapdragons

- Cosmos

- Daisies

- Statice

- Yarrow

- Celosia

- Gomphrena

- Ageretum


  • Payments are automatically set up for weekly transactions - No need to pay in full!
  • Deliveries only available within 15kms of Manjimup or Pemberton towns 
  • Deliveries will be made between 3:30pm - 5:30pm
  • Please choose your delivery date at checkout
  • GST Inclusive

Big Beauty Summer Bouquet Subscription

Price Options
4 Week Subscription
Subscribe & Save 25%
$52.50every week for 4 weeks
8 Week Subscription
Subscribe & Save 25%
$52.50every week for 8 weeks
12 Week Subscription
Subscribe & Save 25%
$52.50every week for 12 weeks
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